What to do with www.crazy-train.net

Well, after about 20 emails now with Dreamhost, I may not be able to have crazy-train.net directly redirect to here. Basically, to edit anything other than your nameservers with them, you must have a hosting account. Why would I want a hosting account there, just to foward my domain to another host?

So what do I do with crazy-train.net in the meantime? Id LOVE to get it to really point to my house, and set up my server as a name server. I could then have it redirect http://www.crazy-train.net to this new blog. I could also use it (and make something like hosted.crazy-train.net) for file storage.

WordPress is also ‘working’ on allowing you to do this already, where you would change your name servers to point to their name servers. Then, they mask everything for you. This will be a paid service when it does become available.

With this domain name just sitting around, what should I do with it?

The only thing I have done so far is actually sign up for Google’s ‘Gmail for your domain’ service. I have 25 email addresses to give out. They would be whatever user name you wanted @crazy-train.net You then get to use gMail’s oh so cool web interface to interact with it, as well as special calendar sharing and google talk features. If anyone is interested in signing up, leave me a comment or send me an email or IM, and I will sign you up!

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2 thoughts on “What to do with www.crazy-train.net

  1. Have you tried moving your domain name to another registrar? I have mine with godaddy and for years I had my domain name redirecting to my ramsites site.

  2. That what Chris Stewart said to do too…they offer redirection as part of their service. They also seem to offer quite a bit to you actually for just 7.99 a year. I think thats who im going with when I just get the time 🙂

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