You Really Loose Things…

Wow, that was a fun move.

I left Dreamhost with the hope of pointing to here. Well, after this morning, I find out that unless I move my DNS registration off their stuff, I pretty much cant do ANYTHING with any of my domains anymore.

Id like to keep People know But, in the end, I may not have it anymore. Basically, I can only jump in and change my nameservers with dreamhost now. That means I can have them point to another nameserver, which that nameserver can say resolves to or should foward stuff to Im thinking of using my server at home for this purpose, but Ill have to do some more research to see if thats even right.

I did save all my posts, and thats really nice. Currently, the ENTIRE wordpress database is being hosted im MySQL on my server at home. I can see old posts, comments, etc. If i can figure out a way to port them into something this wordpress can understand, that would rock. We will see. I do still plan on in the meantime moving over some of my best and most recent posts.

I also already miss the hits, the traffic, etc. Ill have to build that back up, but i need to build up the content here first.

All in due time…

Coming in a little while – this weekends recap.

Listening To:’Politik’ by Coldplay


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