Meteors and Watermellons!

I have to say, this weekend had the widest range of events that I have had in a long time. After spending almost every night in the house durring the week, watching a TON of movies, etc, of course it was great to get out!

Saturday morning, I got around to detailing debs Stratus. It had not been washed, waxed, or really cleaned since she had it, mainly due to time. When i did have the time to work on the car, we ended up having bad weather. I used Meguiar’s #9, #7, and #26 from their pro series chemicals. Mainly, a polish, then a glaze, and then a carnuba wax. The car looks amazing. Ill take some pictures tonight, and hope to get them up soon.

After the ladies got off, debs and I spent some alone time together. We got some lunch, and then went downtown planning to walk Carytown, but then realized that we would be down there again Sunday for the Watermelon Festival. So, instead, we went to the Richmond Canal Walk, this time going a little further than our last trip (about up to 5th St). I would like to go back again soon, to take some pictures.

We met up with Nate and Courtney a little later back at our place, and then went up to Bogey’s park in Short Pump/Goochland. Hit a few golf balls, and then did some time in the batting cage. It was quite a bit of fun, till a soccer mom lost her temper due to an incident with the safety equipment there. If you really want to know about this story, drop me a line. Lets just say its great (even when you are an adult) for ‘older’ people to still treat you like you are some immature kid, when she cant control her temper, etc.

We planned to head down to a bar after that, but then decided to do something totally diff. We drove out into Powhatan (well, about .5 a mile into it from goochland) to the James river, pretty late (11-12) that night. Sunday marked the peak of a meteor shower, which we got a glimpse of. Other than it actually just being to cold, I really liked it. I think in the end, I saw about 6 real ‘shooting stars’!

Sunday I had to do some work at a clients, from 8-1130. Afterwords, we went to the watermelon festival, which was pretty nice. We kinda rushed through it due to the heat and wanting some food, but I liked what I saw. We never really got any watermelon either!

Since then, Ive just been working. Back into the groove. I need to get out of richmond though. And Soon.

Listening To: ‘Turn off The Light’ by Nelly Furtado


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