Im closing down

Yeah, thats right, no more crazy-train.netWhy? I just ‘dont’ use it that much…not to justify having to pay the $100 some odd bucks next week (that I dont have) to keep it running for another year. Yes, I do have quite a few reads, and yes, I love having this site, id just like to place that money elsewhere.

With the web today, there are so many ‘free’ ways to do anything I wanted to do here. I can host my photos on flikr, can host my blog on, and host my code on google’s new code management project. While I wanted to resell my hosting space on dreamhost, I just dont have the time to manage all that stuff, or advertise to get more sites to resell!

I present to you,

So far, ive started the move. I set up a new account on Ill be updating DNS for to send you to that new location too. But as far as my RSS feed, your going to have to get it off the new site. For friends and those who link to me, if you can, please update your links to point to the new location. Im going to take some time tonight to move some of my most recent posts to the new site as well. Unf, do to the version of WordPress that dreamhost has installed, I cant export all of my old posts.

So long dreamhost, you have been the most amazing host ever.


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