WWDC 2006

For those of you who dont know, yesterday marked the first ‘real’ day of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conf. in CA. I was hoping to go this year with work, but was not able to…may get a chance to go next year. While it is a developers conference, they have more and more Sys Admin classes as well.

The first day is marked by a keynote by Steve himself. These keynotes are a little different than others, since they are more focused at developers and pros, so you wont see things like iPods or iMacs usually. They did put out some pretty awesome things yesterday though.

Personally, my favorite is actually the new xserve  (now with the two power supplies and lights out mgmt), and Leopard, of course. While I was actually expecting more on leopard (they did say in the keynote that there are many more top secret features that will be available closer to release), its still very nice. And on the server side, its AMAZING. Mac OS X Server will now have a iCal part, bringing supported groupware to the mac!

As far as code though, apple took a huge jump, and started Mac OS Forge. While it looks very ‘un-apple-ish’, its actually run by Apple. And the groupware suite I mentioned above, is Open Source!

Of course, I get to mess with this stuff every day, and I can say, it looks like this next year is going to be fun. I also cant wait to start messing with 10.5 as well. But, due to my NDA, I wont be able to tell you anything about it. Just wait!

Listening To: ‘Ohne Dich’ by Rammstein


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