Another way to fix a iPod that wont play purchased music.

When resetting my iPod recently to pick up the new way I wanted to load my music, I decided to restore it with the latests updater from Apple. This somehow broke what I had fixed before (which is covered here), and made my iPod not able to play purchased music anymore. That sucks 😦

But I found a ‘quicker’ way to reset it, I guess, if you happen to have another computer you use.

In my original post, I ended up using Deborah’s laptop, since I was under the impression (from what the girl at Apple told me), that you had to use another machine that your account has never been associated with. This is not the case, you just have to have a machine that has a different LIBRARY than the one your iPod syncs with.

So to solve my recent problem, I was able to just buy a new song on my MacBook (or download a free song from the iTMS) and then manually add it to the iPod from my MacBook. The iPod then played that song (and all my other purchased music)! Awesome! All I had to do then is just plug the iPod back into my desktop, and sync.

Listening to: ‘In This Diary’ by The Ataris


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