Lack of updates

For the last week or so, it has felt like I have been really disconnected from the Internet world. I didnt check my email for over a week, haven’t been on AIM cept at work, and really just not at my computer. And to be quite honest, I really haven’t missed it one bit!

Saturday we spent the day moving Courtney into our place. Sunday was finishing that up, cleaning up her old place, etc. She moved into the office, so she had a place till she got the job and place that she wanted since her lease was up in the fan. Things are going good so far, and im sure this is not going to only be useful, but fun as well.
For the rest of the week, I have been working like crazy at work. One consultant left for a job in Las Vegas. Nate has been out sick for almost 3 weeks now, but gone all this week. Ive worked at least half and hour to 3 hours per day over the 8 im already here for. The begining of the week was wild though, with network outages, etc. Last night (the latest one so far) was spent moving a database server to a Co-location.

This weekend should be relaxing. We were going to go to the beach, but not anymore. In the morning we are planning on visiting the Farmers Market downtown (and maybe any other markets we find). Then, for the rest of the day, hopefully leaving Richmond and maybe going up to IKEA and Patomac Mills in NoVA.

Im not dead, just busy. Now back to finishing some MySQL optimization, and hope to get out of here at a decent time today…

Listening To: ‘Hyperballad’ by Bjork


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