New set on Flickr

I just made a new set on my Flickr account just for screenshots. I personally really enjoy checking out screenshots all over the interwebs, and now that I have a flickr account, I can add my shots to those also on flickr. In many cases, I learn most of the new programs that I use from seeing them on some screenshot.

Drop on by and check them out, and if you have any questions about something you see, please ask!

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AIM Client Shootout

Due to the recent issues with 3rd Party AIM clients, I have been trying to reconsider what AIM client I use on the PC. For years, I have been using Trillian, and really liked it. Buts more and more often, it is giving me problems, which has pushed me to the edge.

So of course, every AIM client I know has their pro’s and con’s, so its almost taking the less of all evils.

I like GAIM, but to me, the look is what kills it. I personally use Gaim on the Mac, but its actually Adium. Otherwise, I would be sticking with Gaim right now, other than the fact it may have some of the same ‘Rate Limiting’ errors I talked about before. But, for the pros, Gaim I have used the most other than trillian, and is my prefered linux AIM client. I also like how small it is, as well as being able to still use plugins. On Windows, there even are extra ‘wingaim’ options to help you merge windows and Gaim better.

The AOL AIM clients are ok. I actually like the way AIM Triton looks, as well as acts, but with the AIM clients you have ads. The major pro is that I dont have to work about AIM not working, since Im using their client. The old AIM just seems so ‘outdated’ and lacks certian features I like, like logging, plugins, etc.

Trillian has been my favorite for a long time, but its starting to get slow (it always has for me actually). That, and more recently, its just been acting stupid! I dont know what it is, but if i try to connect/disconnect while im on RDC…it locks the machine up? WTF?!

So for now, im actually going to stick with GAIM. It is the least bloated, quick, and can be quite small on the desktop. It also has many of the features that I really liked from AIM Triton, Trillian, and of coure Adium.

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Positive Press for ‘Google Apps for you Domain’

Its crazy just how much negative press there is out there in the day that Google App’s for your Domain came out (btw…the Scoble link above really isnt negative, and I really haven’t even listened to the podtech show either). But, who is this Om guy, and why is he so special to say ‘he doesnt want google apps for the domain due to privacy’?

I personally think this is awesome. As mentioned here before, both and are registered in this program (we were registered before Google released this newest part though). And as I mentioned before, if anyone is interested in signing up for a ‘’ Google App’s ID, let me know, and I will set you up.

Privacy, Shmimacy. The guy complains with a link to the privacy disclosure. Did this not pop into his head earlier that Google was hosting this stuff? And moreso, haven’t sysadmins and domain admins always had access to this stuff? Wow, someone OTHER than you can read YOUR email, isnt that SCARY!

Privacy is actually a large interest of mine, espc. in the IT field. So stuff like this concerns me, but only to an extent. The other side of me sees the pros of the service, and the understanding that this is a tradeoff. Of course, if I was a large IT company, I wouldnt need this. But for smaller compaines, which this software targeted to, is PERFECT.

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Where do old people go?

So this post is a total rant. And after the crap I have already put up with today, I could really give a crap less :). But, lets all make one thing clear…

Old people SHOULD NOT drive.

In most cases, espc. for Mr. ‘I did something in the miltary’ grandpa on 64 eastbound sunday mid day, you should not even be in public. I honestly could care less what you did for this country, what you do for a living, to me, you should be locked in a room all day and play bingo.

The actions of this man we saw on sunday are what KILLS people.

Crap, one old lady was sooooo nice enough (well her insurance was) to buy me a new car when she went through a red light because she throught it was green. I hit the old lady at about 50 MPH, head on (in my case). That old hag is also why my back feels so bad at times.

Sunday, heading back home, this old guy i mentioned above, decided it was his day to play traffic cop. I was 5 CAR LENGTHS behind him, and he SLAMS his breaks. Nose dives into the ground. Then speeds off. He would never really let me see him though, would zoom off when I got close. Mind you, the closest I EVER got to this car was when changing lanes to get off at the Parham exit. But, the ENTIRE time on the interstate, he was slamming his breaks, swerving into lanes of people coming at him (mind you, when not pissing people off, he was driving like every other old person), etc. He also decided that waving his arms (and not holding the wheel) was a great idea too.

Yeah, we all have road rage at times, and I used to have it VERY bad. But in the words of Monty Python, ‘im gettin betta’.

But when people like this ASS put my wife, family, friends, or I in danger, it actually gets me deeply angry, espc. because of my story I mentioned above when I wrecked my car. Road rage can be very dangerous. I was lucky I can control myself now to not want to hurt that guy…(mainly because Im sure he has whatever he needs coming to him eventually).

So, sunday, we got home safe…but it made me think. It made me angry. But most of all, it made me worry. Worried about my readers, my family, my wife, and my friends. We have got to watch out for asses like this.

Again, sorry for the rant. This has been yet another crappy day, and Im starting to find out why things have just been so darn bad recently. Maybe I will talk about it, maybe I wont.

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Tips from a veteran, eh?

I saw this come across digg this afternoon. Pretty interesting read, but you dont get much from it. Im starting to get amazed on just how much ‘crap’ gets pushed to the main page on digg. I used to love digg for its new, fresh, bleeding edge stories. Most of the stuff I see come by now is old news (to me, at least). It is stuff that is good for everyone to know though, except when someone has such a ‘weird’ view at what they are writing about.

If you read towards the end of the article, he makes some ‘cons’ about the Mac. For eample, Office for the Mac. Dont get it, espc. if you have an intel mac. You can easily get Neo Office, or just use iWork, which is SO much better. And what the heck does he mean ‘its always better to use a Mac version ….than to keep using your Windows version on the Mac. Things work better this way‘. Is he meaning running it in parallels/BootCamp, if so, it doesnt matter! I really hope he wasnt thinking that windows stuff would run ‘native’ on his Mac.

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‘lsof’ for Windows?

‘lsof’ is a program on ‘UNIX-ish’ systems that lets you view open files, and which processes opened those files (from Wikipedia). Its really cool, caus you can use it on a Mac (or linux, whatever) to see what processes are writing to disks, whos looking at your shared files, etc. I used it on my Mac once to see who was listening to my iTunes shares :).

Even though most of you know me as the ‘Mac’ guy, I still use Windows of course. And here at work, we do have a few Windows clients, and we do support quite a few Windows servers, running 2000 or 2003. This morning I rush into work after my shower because a client couldnt access her profile through RDC. Basically, somehow, the machine had locked onto a file of hers, so when she tried to reconnect, it couldnt read her Profile.

This is where lsof would have been nice. Could search for all files matching that users name, and kill the bad proc. Not that easy :). Looking for ‘file locking on windows’ returned just a bunch of results with people/sysadmins/monkeys asking ‘LIKE OMG like how do I like lock a file or folder like my pron folder like so people like can not like get into it’. Great….

So then I come by this article on Wikipedia for file locking. If you look through the ‘File Locking in Windows’ section, they mention a great program, Process Explorer, from Sysinternals (this guy recently got hired by MS actually, or Sysinternals was taken over by microsoft).

This saved my life. After figuring out the UI, I just searched for the users name, and found the proc. that was holding on! Kill that proc, and the user is great! Looking around this program some more, it looks more like Task Manager on drugs! I may try this at home a little bit more to see all the different features, and if this tool can replace many other things missing in Windows…


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What I am doing with

Well, I just finished most of the transfer. While I really liked Dreamhost, I moved my DNS over to GoDaddy so I had full control over it. Also, its a little cheaper than dreamhost (got two years for 7.99, than 9.99 a year with Dreamhost). I did hear that GoDaddy wasnt the best idea for hosting…but I dont plan on doing that.

As far as email, I didnt have any hits on people wanting to test out ‘Gmail for your domain’, so I dont think im going to use it, yet. GoDaddy gave me one free email, so if anyone is still sending me mail to my old email, it will forward to my Gmail (jmlumpkin) acct. Debs already has a gmail account, so its really no use to me. I will be using gmail for the domain on my other domain, when the transfer for it is done. If anyone is interested though, ill go ahead and set it up on…

Lastly, in the next 48 hours at the most, should be forwarding here. Hopefully this works 🙂