So I got bored….

Yes, its almost 4AM here in Philly, and im still up. Part of my goal this week was to build out and finish a 5TB Xserve RAID. Well, for the last chunk of data I have to migrate, it was best for me to stay up now, so I could remove the old drives, pop in another set of drives, to get some data of of them. This would allow me to have the rest of that data starting to copy over, and should be almost done by the time I get up tomorrow. That way we dont have to sit around here waiting for data to move!

So, after I checked all my news, all my emails, read some blogs, and did some research, I decided to write a quick app. I decided to call it gooCal for now. All it does is actually EVERYTHING does in my previous post. Thing is, it took me about 15 min. tops to write it, and 13 minutes of that was spent trying to figure out the quickest way to minimize something to the tray.

This app does use IE for its rendering. Therefore, if you are using the IE 7 Beta, it may not work (I am not sure, I am not doing anything with that beta). Also, to run this app you are going to need the .net 2.0 runtime, which you can get from Microsoft’s website.

I do plan to continue on this app once I have any clue what kind of features to add :)…

You can download this super awesome cool app here.


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