A better gCal app

So, Im thinking of writing something like gcal.win, but a little better. While it would be nice to have an app that would integrate everything,  but until more API’s are available from Google, that would be kinda hard, other than having a ton of little embedded browsers.

The app I would write, id love to be able to display your calendar, but also integrate with the system, kind of like how Outlook can. For example, have some type of Windows integration where you could select dates and add them to your Google calendar. The other possibility is somewhat like how I use iCal on my Mac now, only to pull down my google calendar, and then display it to me. I love using google calendar, mainly because it makes it VERY easy for me to share calendars with Debs, add events wherever I am from, etc. Just since I have started using, I noticed that I have been quite a bit more organized :).

What kind of features would you think would be great for an app like this?

Listening To: The ‘whoop’ sounds of iChat. And people walking. And my back cracking.


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