What a week

This week has sucked.

I have been in some major pain all week due to my back. At some points, it actually feels twisted, and causes some SHARP pains at times, and then just a constant discomfort at other times. I would go back to the chiro, but thats worthless. I feel great for the rest of the day, but after sitting for 8 hours, i feel like crap again.

I get a call from Ryan late Wednesday night while we were cooking dinner. He’s like ‘have you heard about mom?’.

She had a mini-stroke that morning. Something called a TIA, that came with high blood pressure and stress. Of course we didnt hear about it till real late. I did go visit her yesterday after work, and shes much better. She does need to change her lifestyle though, as well as take her meds correctly, etc. But when you have so much crap going on, its hard to forget, and stress out too.

Why would someone stress out so much? Well, what about this. Mike (my stepbro) just moved to Texas for what I thought as the rest of his service with the Army. This was the worse of 3 evils, which did force him to sign up for a little bit more service. But the better thing is that he didnt have to go back to Iraq for at LEAST another year.

From the math, he should be leaving by the end of the year. This time not as a mechanic, but possibly as a foot soldier, with a gun, near the front line.

Thanks Mr. Bush. Your the f’n best!

All of this, plus just other random crap, has really just made this week one for the record.

But there are good things, but ill put those in another post 🙂

Listening to: Star*uckers Inc. by Nine Inch Nails


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