Microsoft can be good?

IWell, after that really pissy post before, heres one that at least made my night last night. I was working on some 2.0 stuff last night, and really trying to determine what datbase I want to use. I really dont want to mess with mysql or anything, since I have to mess with connectors, and I really dont have Access any more on my desktop. But then I realized…

I have SQL Server Express installed! Yes, Im excited. I actually totally forgot about this until I went to get ready to install it again, and noticed i had a SQLSERVER process running. After searching the web for a way to manage it, I found the Management Studio they now have as well.

This app was actually pretty cool, because its a lot like Enterprise Manager, but striped down. You can do backups with it, visually edit your tables, etc. In no time I made a DB with a user, and was able to access it from Visual Studio 2005. The only place I am stuck now is trying to access the database from SQL authentication rather than Windows. I know its a configuration issue, I just cant figure out how to get around it.

It was a bold move for Microsoft to give away all this stuff, but then again, to compete, they almost had to. I am supprised at the number of things they are giving away now, and how easy they actually make some of this stuff.

Of course, in the end, id still rather be working on my Mac.

Listening To: ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles


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