Gone Fishin’

Saturday after debs got off work, we went up to Heathsville, VA to meet up with Nate, Courtney, Paul, Carrie, and a few more of our friends. Basically you go down 360 for about 1.5 hours or more, and then cut up through another road, and it takes you right to the bay. From where we were, you could see part of Maryland, and according to Google Maps, we were only about 10-15 miles away from the state line.

Other than the heat, this weekend was beautiful. Some great grilling, and an awesome dinner Sunday night (Penne pasta, sauce, and then sweet sausage). Playing some board games, checking out the new DS Lite, and going to the pool was most of what we did, other than fishing. I have not been fishing for a few years now…so I loved getting back out there to do it. I was able to catch one fish on my pole (the first one I got), and pulled in two more from another pole that somone else had sitting out there. They were only about 12″ Croakers, but still fun to do.

I do have some pics from this weekend, that I plan to post soon. With the water and the area around us, was able to get quite a few great scene shots, as well as some great shots of our friends, and some of the fireworks that we lit up before heading home Sunday night.

Listening To: ‘Red Rain’ by Peter Gabriel


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