Happy System Administrator Day!

Today is Sys Admin day! Its the last Friday every July. So today, everyone should be really really really good to those people who make your stuff work right. This of course means I must celebrate tonight (and all weekend).

You can read more about Sys Admin day here.

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Project Management should be the next big thing.

Recently, a lot of information has been coming out about the upcoming OmniPlan from the OmniGroup. I got to see some of the beta screenshots today on arstechnica. This brings me to a good point.

Most of what I did my degree on has really no relation to what I do for a living now. To a point. What I learned in Manoj’s class, what I learned in my programing classes, etc, was all RELATIVE to what I do, and def. give me a different point of view on what I do for a living, but when it comes down to it, I use VERY little of what I learned day to day (I think the most I use came from Manoj’s class just because that was the only real sys-admin like class we took).

But there is something I have really started to miss from school, and that was project management. I used to use MS Project for just about everything, ever personal stuff, and tracking progress on either programing projects or other non-computer related tasks. Since I have been using the Mac so much, I really got out of this.

I want to get back in. We use some software at work to bascially track our hours, who to bill them to, etc (like any other company). But what if project management was intergrated into systems like this? For example, one could build a project in a package like OmniPlan, place this in their tasking database that would track billable hours, etc. This data could then be fed back into your project management app, to track the progress of the actual project, and give you yet another visual representation of your project. The only thing really holding anyone back from this though is how to transfer this data. Mainly, because no real companies that have made project management apps have written a tasking and billing system as well to intergrate with their apps. One could dream though…

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So I got bored….

Yes, its almost 4AM here in Philly, and im still up. Part of my goal this week was to build out and finish a 5TB Xserve RAID. Well, for the last chunk of data I have to migrate, it was best for me to stay up now, so I could remove the old drives, pop in another set of drives, to get some data of of them. This would allow me to have the rest of that data starting to copy over, and should be almost done by the time I get up tomorrow. That way we dont have to sit around here waiting for data to move!

So, after I checked all my news, all my emails, read some blogs, and did some research, I decided to write a quick app. I decided to call it gooCal for now. All it does is actually EVERYTHING gCal.win does in my previous post. Thing is, it took me about 15 min. tops to write it, and 13 minutes of that was spent trying to figure out the quickest way to minimize something to the tray.

This app does use IE for its rendering. Therefore, if you are using the IE 7 Beta, it may not work (I am not sure, I am not doing anything with that beta). Also, to run this app you are going to need the .net 2.0 runtime, which you can get from Microsoft’s website.

I do plan to continue on this app once I have any clue what kind of features to add :)…

You can download this super awesome cool app here.

A better gCal app

So, Im thinking of writing something like gcal.win, but a little better. While it would be nice to have an app that would integrate everything,  but until more API’s are available from Google, that would be kinda hard, other than having a ton of little embedded browsers.

The app I would write, id love to be able to display your calendar, but also integrate with the system, kind of like how Outlook can. For example, have some type of Windows integration where you could select dates and add them to your Google calendar. The other possibility is somewhat like how I use iCal on my Mac now, only to pull down my google calendar, and then display it to me. I love using google calendar, mainly because it makes it VERY easy for me to share calendars with Debs, add events wherever I am from, etc. Just since I have started using, I noticed that I have been quite a bit more organized :).

What kind of features would you think would be great for an app like this?

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Crazy, but thats how it goes…

Many people have been emailing me and IM’ing me to tell me that crazy-train.net has been down, slow, or just acting up. This is because one of the main file servers at my host (dreamhost.com), had some hardware issues, that then led to other issues throughout their systems. From their support blog, it looks like most of this is fixed, and should be running smoother much sooner. Now only if my mysql response was a little better, and Gallery 2 didnt take FOREVER to load!

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Someone grab me a Quadra, or a Centris…..

Im talking about a recent post made on osnews.com. The guy basically says that he doesnt want to buy a new mac, because of the new software in iLife 06 is of no use to him, the customer service sucks, and the buld quality has gone down.

One, who the hell cares you dont use GarrageBand, dont like buying music online, and really have no use for iWeb? I dont either, but still consider Apple to be one of the best hardware purchases around now. I personally LOVE all the different features of iLife, and wish there was something like this for windows. The Mac just lets you be SO productive out of the box, really.

As for customer service, I highly doubt this guy has ACTUALLY called CS before, and prob. really never used a mac back in the day where we had a multicolored apple logo. Back in the day, yeah, they sucked. But they were also REALLY nice (gave me an extra 14″ display since the cable in our old one blew on our Preforma). I mean, hell, check out Chris’s post about how much they actually rocked! And if you go into an apple store now, and a geek, the genious bar will treat you as such, and not make you feel stupid.

Lastly…build quality? When apple made Beige machines, yeah, they were still built like tanks. I honestly could STAND on my 6200 Preforma, and not have any problems. Taking that case apart was darn near impossible. Now? While I wouldnt stand on a new mac (they are just so purrdy!)…have you lifted a xserve RAID or PowerMac G5? And im not talking about weight…hardware design is out of this world, and build quality is amazing still. Yeah, a few bad batches come out here any there, but who cares. Apple just produces a whole lot more now, so of course you have a higher percentage of ‘bad’ stuff. That, and since they make PEOPLE SO MORE DARN PRODUCTIVE, you have a whole lot more people talking about it now.

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