digg v3.0

So, digg rolled out their new site layout on Monday, and it looks great. Still hangs up in Safari at times, but not to bad. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. If you have no clue what digg is, its basically its user contributed content and links, which people can then ‘digg’ on. If one story is digg’d enough, it can then be placed on the front page. There are many different subject matters, including technology, science, entertainment, etc.

Many geeks, and even some non geeks, have heard of slashdot, and other sites like this. I actually used to make it my almost hourly habit of checking slashdot to see what new stories were available, until I found digg. Slashdot always had a ‘bleeding edge’ view on technology news, usually hearing things on slashdot a week before it hit real news. Well, after visiting digg a few times, I found that most stories were actually posted to digg a day or two before they hit slashdot!

Over time, of course, I switched to RSS, and really don’t visit that many sites anymore, except to get full stories on the stuff that really interests me. And this works perfectly for me (well, except I still would like to be able to sync a RSS client between my Mac and PC).

This is where my issue with the new digg 3.0. Most stories (except those in technology i think) require you to login now, before you can read any comments on the digg story. So, 8 out of 10 stories I click on for digg in RSS Bandit take me to the login page, which I have yet to actually sign up for a digg account. This used to not be the case 😦

I guess im just getting old, and to lazy to want to join yet another site.

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2 thoughts on “digg v3.0

  1. Digg rocks man, I visit the site at least once every hour while at work. Gotta stay fresh on my geek news. Also I watch/listen to the Diggnation podcast too. Check it out! It’s basically a show where Kevin Rose and Alex (i forget his last name) discuss the most “dugg” stories of the week. Kick ass show along with TWiT and DL.TV.

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