New Sidebar Stuff

Finally got around to putting the stuff back on the sidebar, and I think it ended up looking really nice. I really wanted to be able to add as much as I could to the ‘database’ backend of WordPress, like the and technorati links. That means, if I ever change the theme for the site, those will go with it. I was not able to find a good way to add the ClustrMap though, so I had to add that in code. I still think it looks very nice.

After looking at some other WP installs online, I found that it is possible to add Gallery right into a wordpress page, which would be amazing. That is one of my next plans, as well as adding more static content. Lastly, I will put up some new pictures, espc. of the new car, once it ever stops raining here. If it doesnt, well, we are going to go tubing through the parking lot at work, or down the hill to I-64, since its all flooded back there 🙂

Listening to: ‘Tear In Your Hand’ by Tori Amos

2 thoughts on “New Sidebar Stuff

  1. yeah, i really like. I just picked up a whole bunch of Tori Amos songs, and really like it all…haven’t listened to her in a really long time!

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