Goodbye my friend

Hrm, for some reason, I keep wondering ‘Why am i so tired’, and then I remember the begining of my weekend. Its funny, logging my 15-20 hours days, and then not being able to remember (other than from notes I took) what I actually did, since most of it is a blur.

The flight back to richmond almost really sucked. An earlier flight had been cut because of the bad storms that we have been having on the east coast. All the flights afterwards were overbooked, so those on the early flight basically were not going to get out till later saturday night. We almost took that flight, but I figured I would rather sleep in some, since I knew we were going to be up late anyways from working Friday night (I went to bed around 330-4). We almost had to end up driving home, or hoping we could somehow get a ride back home.

I kinda crashed when I got home, waiting for debs to get off. Hah, I really dont remember anything else. We watched ‘Hostel’, which was actually kinda cool…disturbing at times though. I think debs slept the rest of the afternoon until we went over to amy’s. Shes going to Scottland for some time, so there was a going away party. It was nice, kinda just sat out on the deck with a bunch of friends. We left kinda early, since my time was way off, and I was more exhausted than I though.

Sunday was one of the first ‘lazy sundays’ in a while. I think i actually slept most of the day, helping debs where I could. Once nate and courtney got back from their trip to suffok, we watched “City of the Lost Children” that was really confusing, and I think just about everyone dozed off. The oddest part, is that in one scene, I heard gunshots, but no gun was in sight. Well, about 5 minutes later, a cop was driving behind the appt, shining his light on everything behind our place and around the back part of the complex. When I left to go take courtney and nate back to their car, there were two cops outside, and debs said she saw some this morning too. Its a rough neighboorhood, I tell ya.

This weather is amazing. We have had some pretty strong stoms, but its wild how I will look outside one moment, and its clear skys, and then I look out now…and its black with rain pouring down. Though, it may also be that I dont get to look up from the screen that often, and many hours may have passed!

Im Listening To: ‘This Love’ by Maroon 5


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