Im starting this post at 1:35AM

So you know what time it is! Its stay up all night in Charlotte, NC time!

I got down here this morning around 10:30, got some lunch (this place called Shomars…its a greek food place, but they sell this Pita Burger thats the best), and headed on up to work.

Did quite a few different things today, all which were actually fun, and worked the way they should! We also got to go up to the Apple store down here, and made a larger purchase…which they seemed to be blown away by. Had to spend a little bit of time checking the wiring on a few machines that were moved, and now just running some updates before we get out of here for the night.

The only thing that sucks is that for some reason tonight, they turned off the HVAC! It is about 80* at least (no kidding…we have temp guages in the server room) in here.

Im down here until Saturday morning, which should not be to bad. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, but that makes the time fly too.

Im Listening To: Life Begins Again by the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex


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