New Car

Well, after a few hours sitting at the dealership, I am the OWNER of a new car (didn’t lease this time around). While we didnt get payments as low as we were hoping, we did get them quite a bit lower, as well as I will be saving about $50 a month in gas (This car gets 28-34MPG, the Altima got 17 in the city), my insurance will lower about 1/3, and my car tax will be much lower too.

So what did I get you ask? Its a 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8S, with the Special Edition package. I think the paint name is “Code Red”. The SE package add’s a few things, including fog lights, a sportier look, and a pretty nice stereo, with 9 speakers and a sub. They had quite a few discounts since its the begining of the end of the model year, and most every Nissan got redesigned.

I miss the Altima. It was a great car, but really not worth it. And I really got screwed with it, but thats what I get. This car is nice, I will own it, and after this car is done, and after a few years, I plan on refinancing, and will be able to lower my payment even more.

I hope to maybe take some pictures tonight, as long as the weather stays good 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Car

  1. Hah, last to know…check your email 🙂 I told you about it right before it actually happened :). Hope yall’s trip was good.

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