Eventful Weekend

This weekend had to be one of the more eventful weekends that I have had.

Friday was just hanging out watching some poker. We left kinda early to head home, since debs had to open. I also planned on going over to moms house to do some work. While at moms on saturday, I get a call that Courtney had wrecked her car, and needed to see if it could be taken to dads shop. Got word today, that to his judgement, it may just be total loss. I did a ton of yardwork at moms, laid down 15 bags of mulch, and called it a day. Debs got off work, and we met up with Courtney and Nate for lunch.

On the way to a party saturday night, we decided to stop by Pence Nissan to see a friends dad, and take a look at some of the cars on the lot (for me, and also for courtney to see what some of her options may be for another car). Found a beautiful blue Sentra SE-R, as well as a nice red 1.8 Special Edition. I had been waiting for july to come with the new versa and sentra, but after seeing the offers they have now, plus the packages on all the SE’s, I decided for the most part, to go ahead and act now.

The party on saturday rocked, we stayed there for quite a while, and got home around 2. But when starting the car on the way back, my check engine light came on in the altima. WTF!?! I dont think its anything major, its prob. something stupid like a gas cap, bad gas, or I need to clean my air filter.

At 4:30, woke up to the alarm going of on the car. Since I was kinda in a daze…it took me a moment to realize what was actually happening – they were towing my car! My wonderful wife chased them down up the street, and they dropped the car, but for a charge. The company said they wouldnt give us back the rest, so we are going to contact the appt. complex and demand our money back. Im a resident, their stickers suck, and fell off. There are plent of people parking their cars illegally all over the place, and mine was chosen because their sticker fell off. The drivers were nice, but kinda stupid. The guy said that he knew the car lived there, but had to tow it anyways. Retard.

Sunday we went to the river, and I went rafting from the nickel bridge to 42nd street and then from 42nd street down to Belle Isle. We went through part of the Hollywood Rapids, where I managed to get stuck in one of the larger ones, flip over, and get stuck on a rock. Finally got out, turned all around, banged into a few rocks, and then up. What a ride. I scraped my left leg, but not to bad. It just hurts to walk today.

So after work, its new car time! Pics to come soon!


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