When On-Demand media could really help…

I had to go to the doc today, since this whole infection thing is still around. This was actually the same lady that saw Debs when I gave this sickness to her. The Doc put me on a much stronger dose and different antibiotic (Augmentin), a decongestiant (i guess for my allergies and all this crap), an ongoing dose of Flonase (which is actually working on my alergies this time). All of this, plus a ‘Dietary Supplement’ to help get the ‘good’ buildup of bacteria in my body again. Hopefully, all of this crap will work, and I can get back to feeling much better. I do have to say, I feel tons better than before. When a sense of yours (in my case sound) is in a VERY weird state, it just sucks. We watched ‘A Constant Gardner’ the other day, and to tell you the truth, I had no clue what was going on, ‘caus I couldnt hear anything.

But to the topic – Drs. offices suck. When you have nothing else you can do when having to wait for something like this, or getting your car fixed, or on a long ride, etc, it can just be a dead and boring time. Today, I sat there for almost an hour AFTER my appt. time (which I arived 20 min early for), until I actually saw the doc for 10 minutes. But I guess it got me thinking – this is what on-demand media ON THE GO could be awesome for.

Case in point – podcasts or videocasts. Being able to listen to or watch some type of personal media would really pass the time. Thing is, there are very few, if any, that can keep my interest for over 10 minutes. I used to listen to such ones as TWiT, Tips from the Top Floor (a photography podcast), NPR, and a few others, but don’t anymore because they started to bore me.

So, my next issue is quality. Anyone can make a podcast now. But many of the people who I would enjoy listening to, dont. I also like news and informational topics. A local news station ( WRIC TV8 ) started doing podcasts…but their support for the idea was awful, and didnt work for me. As far as the learning, I listened to a few .net, Mac, or other development/geeky podcasts for a while. But, what REALLY turned me off from these is that EACH one of them said ‘well, we dont want to get too geeky out there for our listeners’. They actually held back content because they wanted to reach a bigger group of people. And this is one of the reasons I hate watching the news in the first place, since in many cases, it is very biased.
I almost wish I could help in this area, but I have no idea where to start…


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