Jet Ski = fun. Cops = Poo.

This weekend was much better than the last one! I can breathe now, as well as hear (somewhat) . My left ear is still kinda odd, and hopefully should be cleared sometime this week (it is getting better and better each day).

Saturday was my first toying with Windows Vista. Microsoft released the Beta to the public, and its pretty solid at that. I did a dual boot setup, tried a few different apps, and messed with some of the new stuff like Windows Calendar. I plan on soon trying to write some code on it soon as well (to see if anything is different), as well as finally try out Office 12 Beta as well.

I got to ride my first Jet Ski and stay on Sunday thanks to our friend Country. We (Debs, Courtney, Nate, and I) met him and his lady up at his place in Tappahannock, VA. This is after I managed to get a speeding ticket on Rt. 17 in Essex. The cop was nice though, and we were in and out in no time. Since I wasn’t going ‘too’ fast, I am able to just pay it, which is nice.

Of course after being so pumped to ride the jet skis, when i first got on we flipped twice. I just get so nervous and the wakes were pretty rough, etc. But after riding, I finally took a turn to drive. What a blast!

I was able to get up to 69 at one time when riding with Courtney, and Debs and I hit the mid 60’s a few times as well while out. I also got to have some alone time with debs on the water, as well as me and her riding alone on the two skis and jumping each others wakes. Unf. on our first time out together, I flipped us off. I was going WAY to fast, and pretty much went between TWO wakes, and flipped us off. She got a little cut on her shoulder, but it is already looking better.

Today my body is killing me though. I was using my legs I think amost to much to support myself when going into turns, and I can sure feel it today!

Im on hold with CavTel right now, and I have to say, I get pissed at them more and more. They have some old guy that keeps coming on and talking about “Internet tems you should know”. We switched from their DSL back to Comcast Cable, since CavTel is terriable. Service sucks, their billing is messed up, and they sure as heck dont want to own up to anything.

Listening to: ‘Through With You’ – Maroon 5

2 thoughts on “Jet Ski = fun. Cops = Poo.

  1. Ha! Thanks for the recap, glad I didn’t ride! Over 60 and flipped on water, that is just nutz!! More power to ya lol

    Sorry bout ticket – that sux

    Hope to hang out with you guys again soon. 🙂

  2. Luckilly we werent at 60 when flipped…that would have been insane. Hope you feel better! That, and join the WP revolution! Chris just did!

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