So, after going to work yesterday, I came home in the worst pain I have ever had. Presure had built up so much in my sinuses that I could not even see straight. So, debs called mom, who immed. said that I should go see the doc.

After doing some tests, they said it def. wasnt strep. The did say that I pretty much have 2 ear infections, a minor sinus infection (or a side from everything else), tonsillitis, pharyngitis (thoat) infections as well. Ouch.

I am not that contagious at all. I decided to work from home today though, since I was in so much pain and also very weak (I have not slept right since Saturday night). I actually got a bit of work done today, and many projects completed.

Once im done with work today, Im going to nap. For a long time. I also may run up to carmax really quick and test drive a few cars. I also need to give some of the Nissan dealers around town to start finding out when the new Nissan Versa (or the new redesigned Sentra). Some of my other choices are the 2006 Sentra, or an Xtera or Frontier. I guess in the end, Im going to get some of the best deals from Nissan on the Altima, and luckily I really like most of the Nissan lineup.

Listening to: ‘The Scorpion Sleeps’ – Rob Zombie

2 thoughts on “Infections!

  1. Hey guy – hope you feel better – I just got sick again too – think its sinus infection too – baaaah

    Get well! đŸ™‚

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