Sick Again

This sucks. I have felt like crap for the last two days, but I think it is starting to clear up. Its been like a thoat bug and aches and headaches. I think it came from the scoutmaster meeting i had the other night…it had to be 100 in there to start…and at least in the 80s durring the meeting. At least today I can relax, sit back, and sleep.

Today should be quite a bit of fun. Once debs gets out of work, were going to try to get to the Greek Festival. I went last year, and not only is this the BEST food in the world, the atmosphere is really nice too. And of course, BAKLAVA!! After that, we may hit up the river…which would be nice too…its supposed to start clearing up soon.


3 thoughts on “Sick Again

  1. It is super crazy up there, but still enjoyable. Espc. when people spill wine on you!

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