Why I moved to WordPress

So, I actually thought about it for a while, just never really took any steps until first using it on the new Troop 759 site. Dreamhost set it up as a one click install, so therefore I really just had to make a new database, and merge my stuff over. And all of that took no time at all, and actually worked!

For a while, I had talked about updating this site, again. I wanted to redo most of it in PHP. This would let me write little scripts a little bit more for the site, to do cool little things like parse XML live, add other features, etc. Well, instead of coding it all, I did a bit more research on WP, and how it not only was like that, but also had plugins to add such functionality, as well as a thing called ‘pages’ that let me make other pages on my site not directly in the blog (what my site has been like so far).

I do plan to do a bit more customization. The first main goal is to update the header of all the pages to pull a random image like it used to. I then would like to add my last.fm and other features back as well.

All in time.

Please leave me comments on what you think though. Do you like? Don’t like?

Oh..lastly…since of the switch…my RSS feed has changed. You can get it by clicking the link at the botom for the site ( I will also link it soon when i get the rest of my old sidebar stuff up). I did set the old feed to have a link here, so hopefully most people pick up the change!!!

Listening to: ‘Gravity’ – A Perfect Circle

2 thoughts on “Why I moved to WordPress

  1. as long as you have hosting space (wp may have their own too)….its a great idea. While I always wanted to make my own software, this just did everything I needed. You can write little plugins that do anything. The software is quick. I also have a whole lot more control on how I want things to look, lay out, and link together. While blogger worked great for me, and I even stored it all on my server, it just had to many ‘issues’ at times.

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