Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was the best.Friday night Debs and I ran a few errands, and then watched ‘Wolf Creek’ with Courtney and Nate. Saturday I think debs and I slept in a little, and I dont remember much of what we did that morning. I was going to go rafting down the james with a few friends, but I didnt want to spend the money on a tube, and really wanted debs to go. Instead, once debs went to work I went to moms to cut grass and wash the dodge.Saturday night was GAME NIGHT! We got to Hillary’s a bit late since debs was working, and then played some Boggle and Taboo. Debs had to teach me both, and both were nice. I was really hoping to play some Mario Kart or Super Smash Bro’s though :). Debs and I also took a walk, really late, like 1:30 in the morning to Cary St. I think we got home a little before 3.Sunday was great. The 4 of us drove up to DC to spend the day up there. I got to ride the metro for the first time…which makes me wonder why I never took it while at GMU?! I thought it was pretty cool, and it would be nice at times for something like that in richmond.Our first stop was Arlington National Cemetary. Took a nice walk through there, getting some great photos. Back on the metro, we went the rest of the way up to the Smithsonian. While in DC, we made it by both parts of the Art History Museums, as well as the Natrual History Museum. We made it up to the capital, but the concert while free and kinda cool, was all Country and borring…and really didnt want to see that.Monday was the cookout at James’s. We were seriously there for about 10 hours. It was a great time though.And then its back to work for the week. Yay. The site may come down this week though, for my transfer over to WordPress. Im going to do it!


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