I may just switch to wordpress!

Wow…I LOVE THIS!So, we got a roll on the scout troop website, purchased http://www.bsatroop759.org/, and installed WordPress.I have to say, I am VERY impressed! This software is almost exactly what I have been looking for. I like the way that I can make posts, and still have ‘pages’, like I do now. It also saves me ALL the time I was going to spend rewriting this site in PHP. And, you can also write (and use) plugins, so I could do the stuff I was wanting to do with last.fm and such.The interface also has many AJAX touches, which just add to the fun.And the best thing yet…it imports all your posts and comments, etc, from Blogger (and a host of other blogs). So, as long as everything ‘goes as planned’, I could redo the site in a more modern look, add a few new features, copy over my old posts, with little work at all!Listening to: ‘Love Train’ by Wolfmother


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