The Da Vinci Code and mini-update

So, I went to go see this last night with Debs, Courtney, and Nate. Debs and Courtney spent some time durring the day together shopping and everything, then we went to Circuit City after Nate and I got off. Of course we have been looking at TV’s for a while, but can never really stick to one. This week was a great deal on a 51″ CRT Projection, which was a great TV…but couldnt make the move to get it. In the end, I think we are going back to the old plan of saving up for one (like a 46″ DLP), and getting something we really wanted.The movie was great. While to me it does flow different than the book (and a few scenes were done out of order from the book), it had to be one of the best conversions ever. I have only read about 3/4 of the book, and I still want to finish it after the movie. It is a long one, but really in the end I thought it was worth it (to me, actually, the movie felt rushed at times!). Go see it!This weekend should be fun, I dunno whats going on yet though. There is some memorial day fun, but still dont know details on that either.Im calling cav-tel prob. due to their crappy internet service. I didnt want to call their support last night, because all they would do is say “power cycle your modem”. Of course i did that 10 times last night. Then, their next response is “we will send verizon out there”. Those in the richmond area, stay away from this place. We are less than a mile from the CO, and cant get anything but their “reach” service. Verizon just layed FIOS behind our building, so I am going to see what they have, plus whatever deals comcast has right now. From the port blocking issue to the slow connection to the crappy tech support, the lower cost really isnt worth it.


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