Cookout, Graduation, Sick

This weekend was fun, at times.Friday night we had a cookout at our place to help one of the John’s celebrate his birthday. It was nice, and we had a really good turnout. That, and we got to use the new grill, which worked GREAT. Makes me want to grill about every meal now. If I only had the time…Saturday was Courtney’s graduation. We met up with everyone around noon down at 1411, and met her mom and grandparrents, and saw her sister and dad again. We did the whole graduation thing, which was pretty interesting (I never went to mine). The only really bad thing was that durring one of the graduations (courtney had two majors), this lady that sat right behind me had a HUGE thing of flowers. While I did have my alergy meds that morning, whatever she had def. overpowered them, and pretty much made me want to die then and there. My eyes were on fire, I couldnt breathe, etc. After all this, we gave courtney her present (a digital cam that debs, nate, and I went in on)…her face was priceless.There was then a cookout at another friends who graduated, which was quite nice. It was BBQ that had been catered by a local company. Im not really sure how long we stayed there, but the sleepyness was def. falling in. We left there and went back to our place for a little bit to change, and then nates, and then downtown.After everyone was together downtown, we drove down the bottom. We really havent been down there in a while, either. Well, 30 min later, we FINALLY find a parking spot. The City of Richmond is taking the dirt lot down there and converting it into paid and pavemented parking. So parking in the meantime is CRAP. Oh well.Sunday was bleh. We slept in a while, I think until like 10:30. I cant really remember much else, other than Debs and I talking again, and then pretty much passing out until 5. We got up, went to walmart and some places to find courtney some batteries, and then got a bite to eat and back home. Sunday night we went to John’s to watch “History of Violence”. The movie was alright, but I felt that it really lacked anything interesting of a storyline, and the last scene was VERY drawn out and stupid. oh well.Debs got sick about a week ago. Shes pretty much over it now, but I think I got a bit of it. I felt like trash most of the weekend (except saturday), but did feel like crap saturday night. Sunday I almost just wanted to die. Last night, we went to bed around 12:30…and I know i didnt go to sleep around 3, and then woke up again. Right about now all I want to do is get back into bed and just lay there. I dunno what it is…it almost feels like a depression but I really dont have anything to be depressed about. Oh well, sometime this week (hopefully today), I know ill get better.


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