iPod Fixed!

Thanks to some of the great people at Apple, my iPod works as it should!To make a long story short…my iPod would not play purchased music. This actually now explains why durring the reception, we had those ‘technical difficulties’ that prevented us from doing the Mother/Groom and Brother/Bride dance. The songs would play fine on my PC, and were on the iPod…but the iPod didnt know it was authorized to play it.So, in my troubleshooting, I did everything Apple recomended (The Knowledge Base entry about it can be found here), 3 times at least. De-auth, and then Re-authorize my machine. Reformat my iPod (I even tried putting Linux on it). I even DESTROYED my entire iTunes library, removed every instance of iTunes from the Windows registry, and removed all hidden files. Nothing.If I sync’d the iPod to Deb’s laptop, and her account…it played ALL (ripped and purchased music) perfecly.So who’s fault is it? The iPod seems to be ok…and so does my iTunes. Online, MANY people have been having the same issue…with no resolve. Apple says that while they dont know what happens, usually 1 of the 5 items from the above link work for most people.I called Apple and talked to the Reps there, who then actually connected me with this nice lady that was an iPod specialist. I ran her through my steps, and then she ran me through one last trial, which I thought I would share with yall, so people can hopefully save some time trying to fix this.1) Hook my iPod up to another machine (used Debs laptop)2) Tell it that I do NOT want to auto. sync with her library.3) Go to preferences -> iPod -> and select ‘Manually update my iPod’4) Go to the iTunes Music store, and log Deborah’s iTMS account out.5) Login to iTMS with my account, and purchase a song (or download a free one).6) Drag this new song over to my iPod, and make sure it gets on there7) Disconnect iPod8) Go to song on iPod, and it SHOULD play actually.9) Be a nice person, log out of iTMS on the other machine, sign the other person back in, etc10) Go back to your main machine (the one that it should be syncing with)11) Tell it to Auto. sync library with iPodI stopped mine after it transfered about 500 songs…because some of my purchased music had already gone over. At this time…these songs played just fine.Bascially…all you are doing is overwriting whatever config on the iPod is paying attention to the iTMS DRM (Digital Rights Mgmt) stuff. This happened when I added the song from her laptop.So today, I get to listen to all my purchased music again, and again happy.In other news, tonight there is nothing…oh well, cept maybe watching some ‘Lost’ which I have started to like a little 🙂Listening To: ‘The Hand That Feeds’ by NIN


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