Sorry that it has been so long since I have posted a ‘real’ posting. Mom was saying yesterday that she doesnt read as much anymore since everything is a bit to geeky. I have been pretty busy since I got back into town, but things have been great none the less.Ive made a DVD of the wedding. I do have copies if people actually wanted them. Unf, since the cam that was used was pretty old, plus having someone hand-hold it, the video didnt come out the best, but still pretty good. My original import of the movie (with the camera hooked up through the s-video in on my TV Tuner card) was pretty good quality…the conversions I had to put it through to get it into iMovie digitized it quite a bit. But, in the end, at least we have a nice digital copy. If I can get my hands on a DVD burner for the PC, Ill download a copy of Adobe Premeir trial, and give that a spin.This weekend was beautiful. Friday I did some work around the appt until Debs got home. We stayed in since she wasnt feeling the best. Saturday I actually slept in until 9, which is kinda odd (I went to bed early, around 12 actually). Once debs got off work on Saturday, we met up with Courtney for lunch at the Vilage. That place has sure changed. I hated the last two times we went there. The chicken-cesar salad I got made me soo sick, and then the other time our food was ice cold. Going in there now, they still have the whole fan-like atmosphere, but then have a few new menu items to choose from. I ended up getting one of those new ones, Chicken Chesapeake. This was chicken stuffed with Swiss cheese and crab meat, with a seafood sauce. And it was pretty cheap still too!After lunch, we went to Belle Isle, to meet up with some of the other friends. Jumped around on the rocks some, and found them mid-way. We then went back to the river side…and stayed there for a while. I do happen to like that part of the James downtown compared to the 42nd street location. Not as many people, nice views, and easier to get to as well. After the river, we had a cookout in southside, yum.I didnt sleep well that night…and got up every hour 6-1030. Missed church, but ran out and met mom before they left. She had already made plans, so we ended up making her dinner last night…which I thought was great. Watched the DVD, showed some pics, and went home. Had some people come over, and we watched American Psycho, and had some pyrex cakes (funnel cakes, but dont have funnels!).Dont know many plans for this week yet. We have Courtney’s graduation stuff on Saturday, with a party to end it all. Sunday, we have been talking about maybe going to a wine festival near the mountians…we will see.I do hope to be making quite a few more posts now. I also should have a lot more time, so again, I may finally get around to doing some stuff on this site!


One thought on “Updates…

  1. I can’t believe you haven’t sworn off the Village yet. I haven’t gone there in about three years. It’s always been totally disgusting, and the service is the worst in town. There is nothing redeeming about that place except the jukebox. I recommend 821 or the Border as way better alternatives.

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