Welcome back to Richmond

Debs and I came back from the best honeymoon anyone could ask for Saturday night. After getting home that night, we went over to Hillary’s to a Toga Party/Nathans Birthday party. We had gotten a few people some presents, as well as nates birthday present. It was great to see everyone, we really missed them all. I think we stayed there until about 3 or so.Sunday, was a great day. Debs and I slept in till about 11:30, and then cleaned up the place some. We also went through all the gifts from the wedding and started putting them all away. I think we have a use for just about everything we got. We took some stuff back as well, mostly from duplicates (we had 3 martini shakers). Met up with nate and courtney at nates later on to wash my car and his. It looks great, im going to take some time today to quick detail it and wash the windows. Ryan (my brother) even complimented on it, saying that it looked ‘sexy’. We went to a dinner at moms, and gave them a slideshow of pics from the honeymoon (which, by the way will be put online possibly today). People came over after we got home, and we watched King Kong, which, btw…no one should ever be subjected to that. I was one who voted to see the movie…but it was 3 hours of monkey crap.And talking about monkey crap, I got a great welcome this morning from a local asshole.I have a short drive, up Three Chopt to get to work every day. They recently made it two lanes in one place, mainly for a new housing complex up there. Well, many people use this other lane to pass at times…since the old folks home is on the left hand side…and you know, you just have bad drivers there.So, today, like everyday, I jump in the right hand lane to pass. Well, some gas hogging fatass in a Ford Expedition didnt like that, and honked. I did nothing, and pass the group of cars (which, he happened to be one of the last ones in that line). Well, getting up to work, where I turn off Three Chopt…he rolls up beside me with his windows down…honking like there is no tomorrow, and yelling obcenities. “WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!! F’N A$$HOLE!!!”. Mind you, this is pure-bred short pump SHIT. I mean…this is the same guy that takes his son to soccer practice, prob. drinks shitty beer while touting his manhood, has a sail boat that makes him cool, and a wife that wears white capri pants year round. Yeah…that type. If you dont understand that type…go up to Short Pump Town Center….its full of them.I almost just wanted to point and laugh. All I could think, is how happy I am to be back home 🙂Im Listening To: Galapogos by The Smashing Pumpkins


One thought on “Welcome back to Richmond

  1. Oh boy…can I relate. I seriously wish I worked downtown…at least there would be less Ford Expeditions.

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