Why I moved to WordPress

So, I actually thought about it for a while, just never really took any steps until first using it on the new Troop 759 site. Dreamhost set it up as a one click install, so therefore I really just had to make a new database, and merge my stuff over. And all of that took no time at all, and actually worked!

For a while, I had talked about updating this site, again. I wanted to redo most of it in PHP. This would let me write little scripts a little bit more for the site, to do cool little things like parse XML live, add other features, etc. Well, instead of coding it all, I did a bit more research on WP, and how it not only was like that, but also had plugins to add such functionality, as well as a thing called ‘pages’ that let me make other pages on my site not directly in the blog (what my site has been like so far).

I do plan to do a bit more customization. The first main goal is to update the header of all the pages to pull a random image like it used to. I then would like to add my last.fm and other features back as well.

All in time.

Please leave me comments on what you think though. Do you like? Don’t like?

Oh..lastly…since of the switch…my RSS feed has changed. You can get it by clicking the link at the botom for the site ( I will also link it soon when i get the rest of my old sidebar stuff up). I did set the old feed to have a link here, so hopefully most people pick up the change!!!

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Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was the best.Friday night Debs and I ran a few errands, and then watched ‘Wolf Creek’ with Courtney and Nate. Saturday I think debs and I slept in a little, and I dont remember much of what we did that morning. I was going to go rafting down the james with a few friends, but I didnt want to spend the money on a tube, and really wanted debs to go. Instead, once debs went to work I went to moms to cut grass and wash the dodge.Saturday night was GAME NIGHT! We got to Hillary’s a bit late since debs was working, and then played some Boggle and Taboo. Debs had to teach me both, and both were nice. I was really hoping to play some Mario Kart or Super Smash Bro’s though :). Debs and I also took a walk, really late, like 1:30 in the morning to Cary St. I think we got home a little before 3.Sunday was great. The 4 of us drove up to DC to spend the day up there. I got to ride the metro for the first time…which makes me wonder why I never took it while at GMU?! I thought it was pretty cool, and it would be nice at times for something like that in richmond.Our first stop was Arlington National Cemetary. Took a nice walk through there, getting some great photos. Back on the metro, we went the rest of the way up to the Smithsonian. While in DC, we made it by both parts of the Art History Museums, as well as the Natrual History Museum. We made it up to the capital, but the concert while free and kinda cool, was all Country and borring…and really didnt want to see that.Monday was the cookout at James’s. We were seriously there for about 10 hours. It was a great time though.And then its back to work for the week. Yay. The site may come down this week though, for my transfer over to WordPress. Im going to do it!

I may just switch to wordpress!

Wow…I LOVE THIS!So, we got a roll on the scout troop website, purchased http://www.bsatroop759.org/, and installed WordPress.I have to say, I am VERY impressed! This software is almost exactly what I have been looking for. I like the way that I can make posts, and still have ‘pages’, like I do now. It also saves me ALL the time I was going to spend rewriting this site in PHP. And, you can also write (and use) plugins, so I could do the stuff I was wanting to do with last.fm and such.The interface also has many AJAX touches, which just add to the fun.And the best thing yet…it imports all your posts and comments, etc, from Blogger (and a host of other blogs). So, as long as everything ‘goes as planned’, I could redo the site in a more modern look, add a few new features, copy over my old posts, with little work at all!Listening to: ‘Love Train’ by Wolfmother

The Da Vinci Code and mini-update

So, I went to go see this last night with Debs, Courtney, and Nate. Debs and Courtney spent some time durring the day together shopping and everything, then we went to Circuit City after Nate and I got off. Of course we have been looking at TV’s for a while, but can never really stick to one. This week was a great deal on a 51″ CRT Projection, which was a great TV…but couldnt make the move to get it. In the end, I think we are going back to the old plan of saving up for one (like a 46″ DLP), and getting something we really wanted.The movie was great. While to me it does flow different than the book (and a few scenes were done out of order from the book), it had to be one of the best conversions ever. I have only read about 3/4 of the book, and I still want to finish it after the movie. It is a long one, but really in the end I thought it was worth it (to me, actually, the movie felt rushed at times!). Go see it!This weekend should be fun, I dunno whats going on yet though. There is some memorial day fun, but still dont know details on that either.Im calling cav-tel prob. due to their crappy internet service. I didnt want to call their support last night, because all they would do is say “power cycle your modem”. Of course i did that 10 times last night. Then, their next response is “we will send verizon out there”. Those in the richmond area, stay away from this place. We are less than a mile from the CO, and cant get anything but their “reach” service. Verizon just layed FIOS behind our building, so I am going to see what they have, plus whatever deals comcast has right now. From the port blocking issue to the slow connection to the crappy tech support, the lower cost really isnt worth it.

Cookout, Graduation, Sick

This weekend was fun, at times.Friday night we had a cookout at our place to help one of the John’s celebrate his birthday. It was nice, and we had a really good turnout. That, and we got to use the new grill, which worked GREAT. Makes me want to grill about every meal now. If I only had the time…Saturday was Courtney’s graduation. We met up with everyone around noon down at 1411, and met her mom and grandparrents, and saw her sister and dad again. We did the whole graduation thing, which was pretty interesting (I never went to mine). The only really bad thing was that durring one of the graduations (courtney had two majors), this lady that sat right behind me had a HUGE thing of flowers. While I did have my alergy meds that morning, whatever she had def. overpowered them, and pretty much made me want to die then and there. My eyes were on fire, I couldnt breathe, etc. After all this, we gave courtney her present (a digital cam that debs, nate, and I went in on)…her face was priceless.There was then a cookout at another friends who graduated, which was quite nice. It was BBQ that had been catered by a local company. Im not really sure how long we stayed there, but the sleepyness was def. falling in. We left there and went back to our place for a little bit to change, and then nates, and then downtown.After everyone was together downtown, we drove down the bottom. We really havent been down there in a while, either. Well, 30 min later, we FINALLY find a parking spot. The City of Richmond is taking the dirt lot down there and converting it into paid and pavemented parking. So parking in the meantime is CRAP. Oh well.Sunday was bleh. We slept in a while, I think until like 10:30. I cant really remember much else, other than Debs and I talking again, and then pretty much passing out until 5. We got up, went to walmart and some places to find courtney some batteries, and then got a bite to eat and back home. Sunday night we went to John’s to watch “History of Violence”. The movie was alright, but I felt that it really lacked anything interesting of a storyline, and the last scene was VERY drawn out and stupid. oh well.Debs got sick about a week ago. Shes pretty much over it now, but I think I got a bit of it. I felt like trash most of the weekend (except saturday), but did feel like crap saturday night. Sunday I almost just wanted to die. Last night, we went to bed around 12:30…and I know i didnt go to sleep around 3, and then woke up again. Right about now all I want to do is get back into bed and just lay there. I dunno what it is…it almost feels like a depression but I really dont have anything to be depressed about. Oh well, sometime this week (hopefully today), I know ill get better.

iPod Fixed!

Thanks to some of the great people at Apple, my iPod works as it should!To make a long story short…my iPod would not play purchased music. This actually now explains why durring the reception, we had those ‘technical difficulties’ that prevented us from doing the Mother/Groom and Brother/Bride dance. The songs would play fine on my PC, and were on the iPod…but the iPod didnt know it was authorized to play it.So, in my troubleshooting, I did everything Apple recomended (The Knowledge Base entry about it can be found here), 3 times at least. De-auth, and then Re-authorize my machine. Reformat my iPod (I even tried putting Linux on it). I even DESTROYED my entire iTunes library, removed every instance of iTunes from the Windows registry, and removed all hidden files. Nothing.If I sync’d the iPod to Deb’s laptop, and her account…it played ALL (ripped and purchased music) perfecly.So who’s fault is it? The iPod seems to be ok…and so does my iTunes. Online, MANY people have been having the same issue…with no resolve. Apple says that while they dont know what happens, usually 1 of the 5 items from the above link work for most people.I called Apple and talked to the Reps there, who then actually connected me with this nice lady that was an iPod specialist. I ran her through my steps, and then she ran me through one last trial, which I thought I would share with yall, so people can hopefully save some time trying to fix this.1) Hook my iPod up to another machine (used Debs laptop)2) Tell it that I do NOT want to auto. sync with her library.3) Go to preferences -> iPod -> and select ‘Manually update my iPod’4) Go to the iTunes Music store, and log Deborah’s iTMS account out.5) Login to iTMS with my account, and purchase a song (or download a free one).6) Drag this new song over to my iPod, and make sure it gets on there7) Disconnect iPod8) Go to song on iPod, and it SHOULD play actually.9) Be a nice person, log out of iTMS on the other machine, sign the other person back in, etc10) Go back to your main machine (the one that it should be syncing with)11) Tell it to Auto. sync library with iPodI stopped mine after it transfered about 500 songs…because some of my purchased music had already gone over. At this time…these songs played just fine.Bascially…all you are doing is overwriting whatever config on the iPod is paying attention to the iTMS DRM (Digital Rights Mgmt) stuff. This happened when I added the song from her laptop.So today, I get to listen to all my purchased music again, and again happy.In other news, tonight there is nothing…oh well, cept maybe watching some ‘Lost’ which I have started to like a little 🙂Listening To: ‘The Hand That Feeds’ by NIN


Sorry that it has been so long since I have posted a ‘real’ posting. Mom was saying yesterday that she doesnt read as much anymore since everything is a bit to geeky. I have been pretty busy since I got back into town, but things have been great none the less.Ive made a DVD of the wedding. I do have copies if people actually wanted them. Unf, since the cam that was used was pretty old, plus having someone hand-hold it, the video didnt come out the best, but still pretty good. My original import of the movie (with the camera hooked up through the s-video in on my TV Tuner card) was pretty good quality…the conversions I had to put it through to get it into iMovie digitized it quite a bit. But, in the end, at least we have a nice digital copy. If I can get my hands on a DVD burner for the PC, Ill download a copy of Adobe Premeir trial, and give that a spin.This weekend was beautiful. Friday I did some work around the appt until Debs got home. We stayed in since she wasnt feeling the best. Saturday I actually slept in until 9, which is kinda odd (I went to bed early, around 12 actually). Once debs got off work on Saturday, we met up with Courtney for lunch at the Vilage. That place has sure changed. I hated the last two times we went there. The chicken-cesar salad I got made me soo sick, and then the other time our food was ice cold. Going in there now, they still have the whole fan-like atmosphere, but then have a few new menu items to choose from. I ended up getting one of those new ones, Chicken Chesapeake. This was chicken stuffed with Swiss cheese and crab meat, with a seafood sauce. And it was pretty cheap still too!After lunch, we went to Belle Isle, to meet up with some of the other friends. Jumped around on the rocks some, and found them mid-way. We then went back to the river side…and stayed there for a while. I do happen to like that part of the James downtown compared to the 42nd street location. Not as many people, nice views, and easier to get to as well. After the river, we had a cookout in southside, yum.I didnt sleep well that night…and got up every hour 6-1030. Missed church, but ran out and met mom before they left. She had already made plans, so we ended up making her dinner last night…which I thought was great. Watched the DVD, showed some pics, and went home. Had some people come over, and we watched American Psycho, and had some pyrex cakes (funnel cakes, but dont have funnels!).Dont know many plans for this week yet. We have Courtney’s graduation stuff on Saturday, with a party to end it all. Sunday, we have been talking about maybe going to a wine festival near the mountians…we will see.I do hope to be making quite a few more posts now. I also should have a lot more time, so again, I may finally get around to doing some stuff on this site!