CD Burning Issues wth a Samsung CDRW

Well, I was putting together a playlist of the Death Cab of Cutie songs I had for Deborah, since I thought she would really like them. I would try to burn a CD, and iTunes would take up 100% CPU. I originally thought it was this Multi-Plugin I have been using. Well, it wasnt its fault (but I still could not find the ‘right’ way to uninstal that plugin either).

Well, after a little more research (on the error code 4820 it gave me), I found this on Apple’s website. While it does say that its for Sony drives, it did work for my Samsung. Im not sure what speed I did actual burn at afterwards, but for a 4 minute song it was def. between 10-20 seconds :). A nice step up from my old 16x one!



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