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Canon Pixma 3000 in Linux

I always have to look this info up each time I install linux with my printer. So I figured for safe keeping, id put the info here. The page I always reference is here. Use the Canon BJC-7100 driver for most everything I need.

Dead computer that holds a new program…

So I got a new 250GB SATA drive. I unf. really have never worked with one of these. I planned on dual booting linux (FC 5) and Windows again. I was then going to use the 120GB I have been using as a storage volume, to hold all of Debs and my music.

Well, it wont boot! I dont know what the heck it is…it may be this whole “SCSI/RAID” driver thing when installing, or this LBA thing. Or maybe the mix of the IDE and SATA. Whatever though. Ive just decided to wipe the 120GB that was in there, split it like 60/60, and install Windows on one, linux on the other partition. Then, just format the 250GB as a large storage drive for Windows (and possibly a certian percentage for linux) to use.

So instead of going out last night (debs wasnt feeling that well), I spent some time trying to prep stuff for todays work, and then threw a little hack together during that storm. I was telling debs about how I really like watching the radar durring a storm, to kind of track where it is in reference to us. So I wrote a quick little program that would take an image from one of the local weatherstations, load it in a small form. Then, a timer would start to reload that image every n seconds (i set it up last night for 15 – the image is updated ever second though).

After finishing this, I thought this would have many other simple uses as well. Such things would be webcams or other image streams. Basically…you give it a URL, and a time to refresh, and it will go get that image. Most web cam software has one filename that it rewrites every time it saves an image. If you have a really low timer, you could almost get “real time” streaming through this (though, this may not be the best way). The program also never saves to disk….so at least your not doing small writes over and over again.

Once I get back up and running, I plan to make a few of these changes (let you have preferences, like the image to pull and the seconds). Ill prob. also release the code for anyone that cares :).

Also, I tried to clean up that sidebar some. While I like the website being a hub of information about me, I didnt know how unorganized everything was looking over there. I plan to use more of those 80×15 images to link to other stuff. The newest is…which if you click that link you can see what I was listening to on iTunes!

Well, machine just rebooted….lets see what happens!

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Cool site using DHTML

Wow…so digg had a post about this 3D DHTML version of Yoshi’s Istland. Well, I went through the rest of the site, and there are SO many much cooler samples on that site. And from the looks of it, code is available as well, I may look into some of his navigation stuff some more.

Check it out for yourself! By the way, a few of the samples need IE to work right.

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CD Burning Issues wth a Samsung CDRW

Well, I was putting together a playlist of the Death Cab of Cutie songs I had for Deborah, since I thought she would really like them. I would try to burn a CD, and iTunes would take up 100% CPU. I originally thought it was this Multi-Plugin I have been using. Well, it wasnt its fault (but I still could not find the ‘right’ way to uninstal that plugin either).

Well, after a little more research (on the error code 4820 it gave me), I found this on Apple’s website. While it does say that its for Sony drives, it did work for my Samsung. Im not sure what speed I did actual burn at afterwards, but for a 4 minute song it was def. between 10-20 seconds :). A nice step up from my old 16x one!