New Music

So, my musical tastes have been changing, some.

I really dont ever listen to country anymore. Its funny…neither does Deb’s, that much. When leaving the airport with my stepdad last week, we listened to K95, and I didnt know one song that played! Wow.

Oddly enough, while im still a KISS fan…i find myself listening to less and less…

I have been becoming more interested in other stuff though. Like…for some odd reason, bands like Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie have been coming more interesting. Its not the pop…its the musical talent. Listening to both of those bands alone…their music can be almost, very complex. DCfC has a whole beat that just makes it interesting (I really like Soul Meets Body). Coldplay is the same…and even more prefered. I also have found myself wanting to listen to anything close to them, and keeping an open mind listening to many new bands that I use to shove off. I think that maybe the wrong songs were picked to be their ‘hits’, and giving them a different presentation that they maybe wanted.

A great example is Lifehouse. Friends tell me that im really going to like them, but i cant stand that ‘you and me’ song. I have yet to listen to much more, but plan to eventually.

To me, NIN and the Smashing Pumpkins fit in this category as well. Trent Reznor is a genius. Seeing him in concert is a perfect example. Billy Corgan in the same way…making his own music, and paving the way for many bands today.

But, I guess I havent lost the edge. I still have to listen to Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Slipknot, System of a Down, etc 🙂

Yesterday I picked up the new Rob Zombie CD ‘Educated Horses’. Its a little less like the Rob Zombie from before, but still REALLY good. I havent finished listening to it yet, but plan to do so today. Right now on the iPod is Imogen Heap’s ‘Speak For Yourself’. I got this from debs, who got it from courtney (who is a big fan). This also seems like a great album, and I have a few songs that I really like on here, espc. some of the first ones. Just the music behind it is soo different, and very enjoyable, as well as her ‘unique’ voice.

I promise ill still post about the NIN concert 🙂

Im Listening To: ‘Headlock’ by Imogen Heap


2 thoughts on “New Music

  1. I just wrote a little bit about for music discovery. You should join if you’re not already in on it. It really works. Rock on.

  2. I read that this morning 🙂

    Do they have a windows client at all? That and I wish they had some type of blogger plugin….or at least i guess my switch eventually to PHP would have to act on some of the web services.

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