30th for Apple…

So, its Apple’s 30th birthday. Of course the blogs are talking up a storm about it, looking back to the old days (you know, one could have said “good ole days”…but lets face it…they were not that good 🙂 ).

I of course got our first mac a little over 10 years ago…and its sitting (well, its case) right behind me. I used Macs at my friends house before then though, and in school. Yes, I used Apple’s DOS as well.

Well, for those who dont really know a THING about the old apple, and at least want to see some of the old stuff, Wired did a post on the OS history.

The best part about it? I visited this site about 10 times today. 9 of those were on my powerbook. 9 of those times…the GALLERY didnt work! Way to write a story about the Mac’s history….that really isnt viewable on a Mac!

Listening to: “Happy Dog” (4:59) by Leslie Pintchik


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