Welcome to 1906

This is another post i promised, talking about my experiences with Henrico co. I have never seen a place so backwards and outdated…its amazing how they get anything done.

Debs and I went last friday to go purchase our marriage license. First of all, what are these ACTUALLY for? I can see for record keeping, but couldnt they be a little more efficient with technology?

We get there, and have to fill out a form, just saying our mom and dad’s names and the date we plan to get married and our SSN and stuff. Its then entered into their system. Lord know what happens next.

So here is where we start. The computers, they are decent. Dell boxes running Windows XP. But what I find SOOO funny, is of course every place like this (like any other customer service, VCU does it, Comcast does it, Ukrops does it, etc.), use a DOS BOX TO ENTER EVERYTHING IN!

So you have a UNIX mainframe you paid $100,000 for in the 80s. Think about how outdated it is now, and how it could be replaced with a $100 Linux box. But they continue to update their actual end user systems, and use ancient back ends. A web front end could be written in ASP or PHP, to at least make the whole process look better.

Well, they charge $32 and change for this license. CASH ONLY. ITS 2006….and you only take cash! And dont give me the whole “well, cash is still ‘real’ money…”. Its sure as hell not. Cash we use here in America is only (or was only) a representation of SILVER. And this kids is why we have inflation! So, you have to go to the ATM to get cash out.

The ATM is in the employee section! So imagine having to explain to some 80yr old cop (who told me that i should pick up a hunting license with my wedding one, in case, you know…..we were going duck hunting after the wedding), what we actually had to do. At least the ATM worked.

After this wonderful ordeal (which I was in pain the whole time since I had my first chiro. session), we got a packet of info. I told debs that the packet prob. had info in there like that she was supposed to have my dinner made by 5pm every night, that she had to obey what i said, and that we were to have one boy and one girl. Funny enough, all it was about is “What everyone should know about AIDS before saying I do”.

Way to ruin the mood.

I think its just wild how the ENTIRE wedding process is actually REALLY fun. We do a bunch of cool things, and people treat us like adults (hah…them fools). One would think they could at least soften it some, and just make it a bit easier overall. It wouldnt be that hard either, just at least be a bit nicer (the lady we had was QUITE angry, almost).

So, other that that, were good. I have been updating the wedding site, so CHECK IT OUT PEOPLE. I still want to tell you all the awesome things about the NIN concert, maybe tomorrow night :). Tonight im waiting for debs to get home, and then we are heading up to Cap. Ale House for a little bit.

Listening to: “I Wanna Be Sedated” (2:29) by The Ramones


4 thoughts on “Welcome to 1906

  1. Dude, I know exactly how you feel. It always drives me crazy. At that huge music equipment store on Broad, they have to use those old metal slide-y things to stamp your credit card into carbon paper. And then they print you out a receipt on one of those printers that use the paper with the edges you have to rip off. Ridiculous!

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