Back Problems

Ill start our my 3-post set of catching up with everyone by talking about one of the major events that has happened more recently. After having all my Insurance stuff fixed up, I decided to finally see a chiropractor for all of the back pain that I have been having more of recently.

After some x-rays, thermal scans, and electrical scans, we saw a few problems. Some muscle action around my lower back and neck. Thermal scans showed the same, but the x-ray’s gave us the real answer.

My neck is to straight to start off with. Most necks are curved, to help absorb shock from carrying your head around. The reason I keep having a stiff neck and weird headaches is because of this. The second issue I have been having is that my pelvis is not level, but shifted to one side. I also have a few verterbre that are not lined up just right, but not to bad off. Both of these can be fixed with a few months of treatment, and really make my life much better :).

The last one was a pretty big shocker though. I have a fractured spine! One of my vert. in my lower lower back has a slght fracture on one side. This can not be cured, but doesnt really change to much either.

After hearing all this, my first question was “Doc, how long do I have?!!?!?!”….but its really not that bad. If anything, my pain should be going away more and more. I will have to start doing more things like sitting right and moving, and stop doing things like running and stuff for a while 😦

Listening to: “Baby, Now That I’ve Found You” (5:02) by Alison Krauss & Union Station


2 thoughts on “Back Problems

  1. Shit dude! I’ve always thought I had some problems in my back and neck. Maybe I need to find a place to go to about it, see what’s good, or bad. 😮

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