F’n Comcastic


After a long day at work, its nice to come home, check your RSS feeds, read any new emails, see what your friends are doing, and then maybe sit back and find something a tiny bit decent on the crappy TV. You know, like that dancing with the stars show with the lady that looks like a lion, or sports stuff, or an old 80s movie.

Today, I got to come home to a dead cable connection.

It was working this morning at lunch, i used debs laptop to check something. It was working before these guys outside were messing with the new neighbors connection.

It wasnt working when I tried to RDC into my PC, or SSH into my server. Ehh, maybe after a year, comcast has renewed our DHCP lease….

Get home..modem is just about dead. TVs have static (which, was MUCH MORE EXCITING than anything thats on TV now). To top it off…cell phones are over as well, since this is the month we decided to get rid of comcast…

I call up there, and talk to the people in the cable area (since I figured they may be a bit slower than internet people). I then just put in some messed up phone number, and then immed. hit 0 to get to an op….which actually took me RIGHT to one (note that yall…).

The two ladies I talked to were nice enough to try to get someone out tonight, but ended up were going ot have someone there tomorrow before 2. I ended up going to Barnes and Noble first to get some coffee, but they charge for internet. Panera I knew was free, so I got a cup of coffee and some nice apple muffin.

BTW – wedding invites are going out this week. Check for yours. RSVP. Come and celebrate πŸ™‚


One thought on “F’n Comcastic

  1. Yo! Got the invite, thanks so much! I’m trying to work it, but I think we may be in Vegas that weekend. Any plans of getting hitched in Vegas? hehe πŸ™‚

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