Developers, Developers, Developers…

This is how I felt about threading, C#, and the iTunes API saturday night. Debs showed this to me before I saw it on Chris’s site (since he took is RSS FEED DOWN!!!!). You must watch.

I dunno what it was, but I just couldn’t get the threading to work just the way I wanted to. I do think this is more due to my lack of threading knowledge and concepts though, or a limitation in the iTunes API on windows. Oh well, ill keep on reading. Im stuck at a point now where the main thread of the program is holding up iTunes for a period of time. Id like to put this in the background, so it doesn’t interfere with iTunes like that.

Weekend was very nice and relaxing though. Friday night, debs and I purchased our wedding bands. Mines a 6mm white gold one. I like. a lot. Though, it does feel weird wearing it :). That night, we had a “wine” party and sleepover at our friend Hillary’s. Had a bottle of Williamsburg Gov’rs wine, which I have to say is one of my fav so far. Went to sleep around 4 or so, and then never actual slept.

Sunday after church and errands, we met up with Courtney for a late lunch and then to my moms. We worked with debs mom and my stepdad to create favors for the wedding. I also did some network work for them, as well as picking up some games from Ryan. Afterwards was to the southside to watch “Waiting” and “The Aristocrats”, both which were great.

Im currently working on a few things. Im teaching myself more about threads and the iTunes API. Im looking at some honeymoon stuff. Im starting to plan the actual ceremony. And more!

Listening to: “Somewhat Damaged” (4:31) by Nine Inch Nails


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