In Charlotte…again

Thanks to the wonderful drunken Nate, i find myself once again down in Charlotte on a trip i wasn’t planning to be on. Dont get me wrong, I really do like it down here. The people are cool, the work is a big learning experience, and getting away for a day or two is nice as well. But I know it tears up deb’s for me to be gone a lot, espc. right now when we are so busy planning for the wedding. Nate went and broke his foot, and wasn’t going to be able to make it down here.

Last night, I didnt get to bed until easily after 4:30, then right back up at 8:30 and into the office. I even walked in from our hotel (which is a little further away, but a really really nice walk, espc. since the weather was nice this morning.

For this trip I have mostly been doing a lot of networking stuff, which is nice, but annoying at times. Also played with some new fibre switches.

Back in Richmond, we had snow before I left. This weekend we also finished the invitations, thanks to the help of Nate, Courtney, and Hillary. Ill post pics from that exciting time when i get back (sometime Wednesday 🙂 ).

Also, im trying a first post with a Dashboard Widget called DashBlog….so we will see how this goes. Its actually really nice, and REALLY simple. I did a little bit of reading the other day on the Blogger API, so I may be writing myself a .net Blogger client one day…..


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