I never thought I would say it…

But, man am I glad to be back on Windows.

I love macs, dont get me wrong, but my powerbook REALLY showed its age when trying to use it nonstop, as well as using my 21″ display with it. While the graphics card is really nice, it REALLY slowed the machine down when trying to run the external display.

Thursday all the parts came in, sans CDRW. So I sat downstairs and built everything back up, starting from my case all gutted out. I was able to backup a good part of my data to another drive, and then wipe my main one, and start fresh.

I never really found the old PC slow (it was a 2.2 Pentium 4), just a crappy graphics card. Well, this thing FLIES. Things that I was really use to waiting for are done then and there. Im able to run at 1600×2000, which also helps a whole lot when trying to multitask. I am still running a pretty bare system….and I may keep it this way. As long as I have office, web stuff, and my development environment, im fine.

Development should start back up next week so I can FINALLY finish this iTunes plugin I have been working on. Im going to need some beta testers, and also some reviews from friends.

We are supposed to get 3-6″ of snow tonight. I have NEVER wanted it to NOT snow this bad. I turned 23 yesterday, and we are throwing a party tonight at my place. Im really excited about it, but this weather could hold people off. RIght now its looking that stuff wont start sticking until after 12, with most around 4. So far the party is on, but may call it if people complain (none have yet, and as far as I know, everyone is coming). I do plan to take some pics since it has been a while since I put anythnig up in the gallery.

Daytona 500 tomorrow! And we are also doing the Tux fittings for the guys in the wedding!

[Listening to: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face – Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood To The Head (4:59)]

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