New Computer On Its Way!!!

Well, I took this afternoon, with my super nice brother, to price out a buy my new machine. While yes, im the super geek everyone has grown to love, im really not that good with all this hardware stuff. I understand everything fully, all the numbers, and know what I want…but I dont know the details. I dont know who is good, and who is bad. I dont know all the special technologies of each part. While I could go now and pick all the parts you are going to need to build a gaming machine or a cheap quick computer, I still wanted some help. Ryan has build a few PCs, and knows his stuff too.

I totaled out at $430 shipped, including everything. From my old PC, im using the case, my 2 Hard Drives, and my DVD-ROM. I picked up a ASUS nForce3 AMD Motherboard, a AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 1GB of Corsair XMS DDR 400 RAM, a new Antec Power Supply, an ATI 9800SE with 256MB (a small jump from my nvidia gforce2 mx with 32). and a Samsung 52X CDRW. I will be able to make a few bucks back from my old RAM, Mobo (which would be a new replacement), and 2.2 Pentium 4.

Parts should all be here by this weekend. Hopefully Sunday or something, ill be able to take a few moments to put this machine back together, set everything back up, and get going along again.

Ive been using my Mac otherwise for some time now. I love it. But, to use a Mac as an everyday machine, I would need something MUCH faster. It seems to cover everything I need to do at work just fine, but at home, just wont cover all my tasks, including no disk space, 800mhz G4, etc. Though, I have to say, using the Mac OS fully has been SO MUCH FUN ( I use it only at work, all day, but taking it home is different).

Im Listening To: “No, You Don’t” by Nine Inch Nails from the album The Fragile


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