Updates on the computer…

Well, I still need to send the MoBo off. But in the meantime, I have started really looking into my options. They are as follows…

1) Buy a Mac Mini – would love to, and great price, but so close to being outdated.
2) Buy a new iMac – Even better, and still ok on price, but the first run. I remember back in the day when the 68l/PPC change happened…and I do NOT want to be using the first run of ANYTHING.
3) Buy a new, “pre”built PC – Cheap, and nice…but crappy warranty.
4) Rebuild PC again, with better stuff – Get a new PSU, MoBo, and Proc….as well as some other stuff maybe. Use my current case, DVD, floppy, etc.

While 1 and 2 are VERY good looking (oh how I would love to use one as well as my powerbook, and have everything sync beautifully)…they are not the best. Im leaning the most towards #4.

For about $500, I can go with a low end ASUS MoBo, Antec PSU, and then a high end AMD 64, AMD 64 x2, P4, or Pentium D. WIth not going with the fastest of any of those procs, I could get a little bit better of a MoBo, as well as maybe some more RAM and a Graphics Card. Then throw in a CDRW or DVDRW, and really good to go.

What would make me more happy? I really dont know. Id love to have a Mac, really. I could do it too. But to get the Mac I want, its either going to cost mucho dinero, or im going to have to wait another year or more.

When the Dell blew up, i did this (rebiult), but with these cheap parts. I plan on using some better stuff, as well as faster, and stay happy with a PC. Then, once more money is built up, possibly get another computer eventually….but we will see. I could then easily turn this one into a Media Center or something…

Since I am still kinda new with this building thing, my brother is helping me out on what is good, and whats not. Im hoping to get the stuff ASAP, rebuild the machine and get going again. Then just sell the old Proc and Mobo. I also think im going to backup everything on that current 120GB drive I have, and start fresh.


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