Burnt Food

So im down here in charlotte. Bill left yesterday afternoon, and left me with some homework i guess you could say. Some daunting, but easy tasks. I decided to skip the dinner, so I could go ahead and get the work done, get back to the hotel, and relax.

Well, get back to the hotel. Talk to a few people. Try to find somewhere thats open this late on a Monday ( I swear, uptown is empty at night). End the end went to this place called Champions, which is actually just a few blocks away. I was starving, but just got a burger and some fries.

Get my food. Burger actually looks kinda good. And then this weird beeping starts going off. Next the bartenders say “either pay now or we will hold your card, but everyone needs to go outside now!” Hah, luckily they had brought my food, i just had the lady box it up, and had a nice dinner with my powerbook.

I fly back to richmond tonight. First thing to do is tear apart that peice of crap…get the serial number, and get that motherboard replaced. Its going to be differrent using my powerbook for a while. But i think its going to be nice too :).

Ill be back in Richmond tonight.


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