piece of crap


In less than a year, my stupid P.O.S. PC died.

For the last week, the machine would fully lock up. This wasnt a windows crash, this was a low-level hardware issue…NOTHING worked. Well, Friday it did this a few times. Saturday, it did it once. So, I reboot. Well, try. The machine locks up when trying to init. the second IDE bus (what my CDRW and DVD drive is on). Then the lovely smell of plastic burning.

Crap, so my CDRW bit the dust. Oh well, we will take the cable out, and boot again. Maybe.

My keyboard and mouse isnt working. At all. So I can only boot into linux, but cant log in. WTF?!

So, fiddle with it some more. I can get the keyboard to work. But no other USB device. No other mice, no hub, no iPod, nothing.

Luckily I have my trusty old Powerbook. This thing is getting a hell of a workout 40 hours a week already, and for the meantime, its going to have to be my lifeline again. When I get back in town, ill send the mobo out for warranty work, and poss pick up a new Power supply. Throw this hoopty PC back together, and hopefully it can last me a few more months. After talking to debs, we will hopefully pick up a new PC after the wedding, or better yet, a new Mac (unless tax returns are VERY good). If we go with a Mac, that means ill finally switch BACK again. Its going to be different, but nice. That does mean no more Windows development (well, maybe, ill prob keep this old machine around). Honestly I think thats the only thing holding me on a PC.

BTW, Im leaving richmond too. Ill be in charlotte for the next two days, I come back Tuesday night.


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