New Toys

So, I returned the extra iPod I got for Christmas. After quite a bit of thinking, we took it back to the apple store. I was really close to buying a Mac Mini…but I dont want to get it when it will be upgraded for def. within the year with something MUCH faster.

I picked deborah up another armband for her shuffle, as well as a new case for mine. My mom gave me a great one, made of leather, but it was hard to use when working out. So I picked up a nice one from Marware, that has a ton of different features.

I also picked up one of the new universal docs. its got a IR sensor in the front for the apple remote. It also has S-video and audio out so i can hook it up to the stereo or TV downstairs (cept I already have an Airport Express streaming music downstairs).

Im still looking to get some speakers for my desktop upstairs, and I dont know what else. I dont really want/need those iPod speakers. Man how I wish Apple still made a PDA 🙂

Im really itching for some type of Media Center machine downstairs…i wish i had the money to build a new PC or something. I would like to possibly set the server up downstairs to do the same thing. Record TV would be nice, but not needed. Moreso is some small gadget that would let me display on the TV what the tracks were playing from upstairs. Basically just have a machine that picks up on an XML feed or something, and then format it and display it on the TV. Then just turn the tv to one of the inputs, and there you have it. I may write something that would do this…just need the approval to set a machine downstairs, or find something MUCH smaller.


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