Well, i think this is just about over.

I finally, after quite some time, made it to the doctor today. Ive been having some serious issues over the last year dealing with what i eat or drink. I could get pretty ill after just a beer or two, or after eating a burger, or even having a dougnut. More recently, I have been feeling a whole lot weaker and tired…

His comment was that bascially im having some simple stomach issues. moreso, my body just ain’t having to much fun with “refined sugars”. Simple sugars seem to be ok. This kinda lands most of the foods that have been really hurting me. They gave me some meds for when i do have these issues (basicaly i just get really sick, like i would have the flu that only lasts 10 minutes). I can take the pills when I dont feel good and they should help. They did take blood tests to see if they found anything else (ie. my family has a bunch of diabetics, and want to make sure im not already becoming one).

Im happy I did it. Ive been putting my health off for WAY to long.

In other news, ive been spending a lot of time in the linux world, but I really dont know how much I enjoy it! I like using linux again. The only thing that holds me back really is development. Moreso that I really like developing for windows. Oh, yeah, and my iPod :).

This weekend, NIN tickets go on sale. I can’t wait.

Lastly, web dev. Thats right…i know I have REALLY been lagging. Its coming, I asure you. Also, side projects are starting to get on the way (these are all pro bono….and for organizations that I am a member off). Also, im knocking off the google ads since they are doing really NOTHING.

Im Listening to: ‘Not Worth Asking’ by Smashing Pumpkins from the album Rarities and B-Sides

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