So those last four and a half years are done now. Last saturday was graduation. But i slept. I never really got my forms (well, I got them, but never turned anything back in). So now I just wait to go pick up my diploma. Am I happy..YES! Its much different now, looking back, and seeing that “hey, I dont have to go to class in the morning, and dont have any homework”.

But boy does life change from here on out.

I do plan to go back one day, but I would like to get some experiance under my belt first. I have the nice job, one that I really do enjoy. And that was part of my life goal. Yeah, I could maybe make more money elsewhere, but would I really like my job as much?

One of the best parts of this whole thing is my status. After talking to mom, I am the first in our family to graduate from college (my immediate family, and really all those in my family I actually do know). Im pretty sure that its the same on my dads as well. I am very happy I had the oportunity. Im even more happy that I am the first 🙂

What will change? Who knows. There isnt any more coding for homework any more…now its for fun. Ill get projects done I wanted to. Ill start new ones. Ill hang out with my friends more. Ill spend every extra moment I can with the most beautiful girl in the world.

I am currently listening to: The hum of a G5 thats awaiting some more parts. That and my stomach making some noises because I really do need to go grab some lunch!


2 thoughts on “Done

  1. We’re so very proud of you.
    Great job…well done son.

    Hope you enjoy your gift…

    We love you. Mom & Barry

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